CRERAYS is how crowdsourcing to lease commercial real estate was meant to be.

No more vetting thousands of listings. Save your time and energy. Tell us what you want. Get proposals that meet your specific needs. Choose your space.
Are you a real estate professional?
No cost lead generation, promote your listings, lease up space. Free to join.
Get Introduced to Qualified Real Estate Professionals
Tell us about your needs and we will introduce you to up to 10 real estate professionals, who are owners, managers or agents, with available space to fulfill your requirements.
Compare the Professionals
Within hours, interested and qualified professionals will send you proposals that best meet your requirements. The proposals will include:
  • A personal introduction from the professional
  • Active listing(s) of available space
  • Customer reviews
  • Personal profile of the professional
Choose Your Professional and Space
Review the proposals, and choose the one that best fits your requirements.
“Hot Leads” are sent to you, you decide to engage.
With CRERAYS, people tell us, in detail, what requirements they have and we send those requirements on to you. There is no cost to receive notifications. If you are able to fill those requirements, you respond with a custom proposal and work directly with the customer.

Get Customer Requirements

Pay to Send Introduction and Proposal

Close the Deal

Coming soon! Related industries soon to be offered: interior design, architecture, furniture, insurance, IT and telco services.