FAQ's Why should I use CRERAYS compared to a traditional listing site?
First, let us say welcome to CRERAYS. Now relax, let us take all the pain away from your search for commercial real estate. No more looking at countless stale or representative listings, no more calling or emailing countless agents hoping they get back to you, and no more keeping track of what listings you viewed, who you contacted, and any responses. We will take care of the leg work, you save time, energy, and your sanity.
Who has to pay, and how much does it cost?
There is no cost to sign up, and always free for anyone using CRERAYS to find space. Real estate professionals are charged only when they respond to a request. Real estate professionals can pre-purchase credits or purchase credits at the time of response. See our pricing page for more information.
How do I find a space?
Enter your desired location and property type, then hit create request. Check off the attributes you desire and tell us any additional information that will facilitate finding you the space you desire. Within 48 hours real estate professionals, who are owners, managers or brokers, will respond with available space to fulfill your requirements.
How do I compare responses and choose who I want to work with?
Depending on the method you have chosen to receive notifications, you will be notified that a real estate professional has a proposal for you. You can view all responses in your inbox. The responses will include a personal introduction from the professional; active listing(s) of available space; customer reviews (if any); and the personal profile of the professional. You are then free to contact the professional directly or through the CRERAYS platform.
I have selected a space, now what?
Congratulations! Now, wasn’t that easy. Any agreement you make to lease a space will be between you and the landlord. If you had a good experience using CRERAYS and working your real estate professional, feel free to write a review and post it to the professional’s page.
I need additional services for my new space, can I find those services through CRERAYS?
Yes...but not yet. As we are developing the platform, we will be adding additional professional services related to commercial real estate. You will be notified when those services providers will be made available.
I’m a real estate professional, why should I sign up for CRERAYS?
Good question. I bet you are thinking, I already have a website, pay to advertise on various listing services, make “cold calls”, send unsolicited emails, and show up unexpectedly to get clients and tenants. How’s that working for you? With CRERAYS, you don’t have to advertise, create a listing, call, email or visit anyone. Once you sign up, you will be notified of those prospects and you can choose to respond. If you can fulfill the requirement, leverage your existing website, listings, and advertisements, and link them to your response to the request.
My space was leased, now what?
Congratulations to you as well! Remember to update your profile to reflect your completed transaction. Now, onto the next request!